Friday, April 11, 2014


Eldra's first grand daughter is her favorite. And I don't mind knowing that. We are a family of people who have favorites, I'm pretty sure everybody knows whose is whose and we handle it.

But Eldras is her first. And she lives far away. And she works for UPS. To be specific she delivers packages for UPS. So Eldra has an affinity for UPS trucks. 

Not just a normal happy to see a big brown truck driving down the street kind of affinity. It's a so surprised and happy to see a big brown truck that she has to yell "Ups" at the top of her lungs kind of affinity. And she points at it. Then just to be sure that you heard her, she yells it a couple more times.

It's awesome when his happens while we are driving. I should say while I am driving. Because every time I hear her yell it, my adrenaline goes from 0-60 in about a millisecond and I think she's trying to point out a car careening towards us, and I prepare for us to get T-boned. But then happily I realize that it's just a UPS truck. 

It is the driving equivalent to watching one of those stupid videos on the Internet where the creepy face pops up and scares the life out of you.

I wonder if I'll ever get used to it. Or if my body will eventually stop reacting like the guy on pulp fiction when he gets an adrenaline shot in the heart. 

They say that 80%of caregivers for people with dementia die before the person with dementia does. "Ups!"

I get why. 

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