Friday, April 11, 2014

Who Is Eldra

Eldra is my Grandmother. She is a fire cracker. She loves and hates with her whole being. She has been through some of the toughest trials any woman should ever have to endure. And yet she still somehow finds joy in the smallest things.

It is an adventure just to hang out with her, you never know if she is going to love the heck out of you or yell at you. And she will do both during the same visit. And she is not a respector of persons, she will yell at you, or the mailman, or her great grandchildren just the same. But she also has the sweetest heart, and for some reason I just like being around her.

The purpose of this Blog, is to give the entire world a chance to enjoy my grandmother. And to keep me sane while I enjoy being around her.

This is Eldra, almost 93 years old. Still a fire cracker.

She was born in 1922 in Boise Idaho in a little house on a little street which is now paved over and part of the BYU Idaho Campus.

I have a memory full of experiences with her.

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